Jeremy Wiesen

Professor of Entrepreneurship, Retired
The Stern School of Business / New York University

Financial News Network

Financial News Network goes on the air to 40 million homes immediately. With Merrill Lynch as an investor, FNN is acquired by CNBC to keep out competition.

Tofutti Frozen Desserts

Tofutti hires away the head of Haagen-Dazs logistics and negotiates immediate distribution of Tofutti products into 50,000 supermarkets – most of which carry the products thirty years later.

For twenty-five years, Professor Wiesen has helped thousands of people to commercialize their business ideas through his proprietary “infrastructure model”– as venture capitalist and angel investor; as tenured professor at the Stern School/NYU and visiting scholar in entrepreneurship at UCLA and UC Berkeley; and, at seminars all over the U.S. and in Europe, Asia and Australia. In 2010, he spoke at the U.S. Senate to a Small Business Administration symposium; and in 2011 to the congress of the National Small Business Association.

As Chairman and CEO of the Financial News Network, his team took an idea for financial news on cable T.V. to a sale to CNBC in 1990 now estimated to be worth roughly $5 billion. When he heard of an inventor of a soy-based ice cream, he took Tofutti Brands from $33,000 in sales to $18 million and a $4 million profit in three years. Both companies reached $100 million capitalization in three years and that was before the internet! Since then, Professor Wiesen has been an investor in many areas, drug to homeland security to internet where the companies are worth even more.

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